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Listed below are the terms and conditions that binds everyone that uses this platform:

  1. You are solely responsible for everything you post here.
  2. If you break any government law/regulation on this platform, your contact detail may be given out for security investigation
  3. Piracy and use of intellectual property without appropriate permission or reference is not allowed.
  4. You must reference the source of any information that is not yours.
  5. Insult or use of violent, vulgar and hurting words on any member of the platform is not allowed.
  6. Posting of Sexually implicit content is not allowed on this platform.
  7. Promotion of illegal and fraudulent business is not allowed.
  8. Insult on any Tribe, Race or Religion is strongly prohibited.

We have the right to banned anyone who violate any of the above terms and condition.

Remember: We are all Humans irrespective of our colour, tribe or religion. Let's respect each other, for you never may know who you are interacting with.

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